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Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded in 1858. Our chapter at the University of Iowa was founded on October 28th, 1880. Our chapter's history runs deep within the University and many contributions to campus culture were made by Delta Tau Delta, including saving and playing the role of the infamous Iowa mascot, Herky the Hawk. After a 12 year absence, Omicron came back to the University of Iowa in the Fall of 2011. We chartered in the Spring of 2013 after we reached 50 members and had our petition approved by our National Headquarters. We still seek men who can live up to The Creed and Values of our organization and wish to live lives of excellence. 

Over the history of Fraternal organizations, there has a been change in the purpose of why fraternities exist. Most fraternities were created as a way for intellectuals who had the same values and goals in life to meet, learn, and become better men. Unfortunately, Fraternities and Greek life have, over the past couple of decades, taken a step back from its roots and the negative stereotypes of parties, hazing, and disruptive behavior stemmed through this era. 

We are the Fraternity that breaks the stereotype. We are here to produce men of excellence who excel academically, philanthropically, socially, and morally. Delta Tau Delta at the University of Iowa is an organization that strives to be more than what is expected. By producing a strong brotherhood, we achieve this.  

Omicron Chapter strives for Excellence in every area. We stand for the values upon which Delta Tau Delta was founded and we live these values through our continuous efforts in Academics, Community Service, and Philanthropy. The chapter has recently been awarded a Hugh Sheilds Flag for Chapter Excellence (Top 10 Delta Tau Delta Chapter Nationwide) for the fourth consecutive year.


Integrity - Integrity is more than a word. It is a commitment to investing oneself into excellence in all aspects of life. Delta Tau Delta is looking for men committed to lives of excellence.

Accountability - We are only as good as our word. Accountability is doing what you say you will do. The core of accountability is personal honor. Delta Tau Delta is composed of honorable men who value accountability.

Opportunity - As a potential founding father, the Fraternity provides you with a way to leave your mark on campus for decades to come. You have the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of generations of men. With such glory comes necessary work. If you are interested in rolling up your sleeves and creating a values-driven fraternity, Delta Tau Delta is the right choice.

Growth - Founding Fathers are men of unequivocal talent. They are men who leave college with a resume unlike any peer. These men achieve personal growth and development through the work of the Fraternity. They have experience that sets them apart from everyone else. It takes a strong commitment from a man who is willing to learn through new experiences. Founding Fathers are unlike any other college student.


Drugs - Delta Tau Delta takes a firm stance against illegal drugs. The Fraternity will not tolerate any member using illegal drugs.

Alcohol - Delta Tau Delta aligns its alcohol policies with those of the host institution. The Fraternity will not tolerate underage drinking or alcohol abuse. In addition, this chapter’s programs will not be centered on alcohol. While Delta Tau Delta is a social fraternity it is the Fraternity’s belief that, while alcohol is a part of American culture, it is not and will not be a focus of the Fraternity.

Hazing - Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally, whether on or off Fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Delta Tau Delta takes a firm stance against hazing in any shape or form.


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