The Road is a personal education program which facilitates undergraduate development for successful life after college. Focusing on life skills including financial management, personal goal setting, career development, health and wellness and personal leadership, The Road is the Fraternity’s path to knowledge and success.

The Road is unique in its approach to student development; the culmination of two years of researching successful and effective learning styles. Designed to be a guided self-edification experience, The Road educates members through interactive lessons and chapter/colony initiated programming.

The Road differs from other leadership programs students receive because it focuses on the individual, not the chapter. Rather than a have-or have-not approach with life skills development programs, Delta Tau Delta developed this innovative egalitarian approach to allow any undergraduate Delt to receive the benefits of membership.

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Ignite. Newly initiated members have great passion for the organization. However, it is difficult to know where to direct it. This, on top of recently taking an oath to uphold the values and ideals of the Fraternity, may have these members unsure of where their place is in the organization. Ignite will help piece together the new found excitement men have and look at how Delta Tau Delta fits into their daily lives. The experience takes place in an outdoor setting and is catered towards our newer undergraduate members.

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The Charge is the capstone leadership experience offered by Delta Tau Delta. Fraternal membership is filled with experiences that can be hard to describe. It provides opportunities to take on a multitude of roles, but what happens when you have held all the positions for your skillset? The Charge is a week-long retreat that helps upperclassmen transition their undergraduate experience into practical skills that may be used for the rest of their lives. The experience is catered towards those about to graduate, and provides a fitting end to a brother’s undergraduate experience.

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The Presidents and Advisors Retreat is a unique opportunity for presidents and chapter advisors to develop the skills and relationships necessary to be effective chapter leaders. This program is designed to help enhance the communication and goal setting effectiveness between the president and advisor.

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Division Leadership Conferences are held annually and focus on chapter programming and development. The conferences are attended by other chapters in the division and attendance varies from 100 to 300+ alumni and undergraduate members, depending on location. This is a great opportunity to network with other brothers and alumni on issues related to chapter operation and programs.

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Since 1986, Delta Tau Delta’s flagship program, “Delts Talking About Alcohol,” has been the forerunner in alcohol abuse education. DTAA is designed to educate our members about the risks associated with alcohol and drugs. Now powered by GreekLifeEDU, a personalized online education experience, every new member completes the program. GreekLifeEDU allows one to look at his risk levels (associated with family history, current use, etc.) and assess what his current habits are doing to him now, and in the future. To further awareness, every chapter is encouraged to facilitate discussions about the material covered by GreekLifeEDU and participate in other alcohol abuse prevention programs on their campus.

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The Kershner Scholar Award was created in the 1970s to encourage consistent academic achievement and improvement. It is named after Fred Kershner (Beta Zeta, Butler University, 1937) who is a past international president of Delta Tau Delta and the longest serving director of academic affairs in the Fraternity's history.

Among the 139 campuses with a Delt presence during fall 2015, 91 Delt chapters or colonies were above the all-fraternity average on the campus and 98 chapters/colonies were above the all-men’s average on campus. Delta Tau Delta ranked in the top three academically on 55 campuses and was number one at 15 schools.

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Karnea is the legislative body and general convention for the Fraternity. Held biannually, the national convention is a great way to interact with brothers from across the United States. Karnea is one of the greatest events of each Delt’s experience. In addition to the legislative portion of the convention, attendees also spend one morning at a JDRF walk and an evening at an out of hotel event. The event concludes with the Karnea banquet, honoring prominent Fraternity alumni.

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